Range Rover Sentinel bulletproof SUV revealed

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Range Rover has unveiled the Range Rover Sentinel. The vehicle is Range Rovers fully armored SUV, based on the Range Rover Autobiography. The JLR Special operations team has engineered the vehicle and its safe to say they have done a fantastic job. The Sports Utility Vehicle has been designed to withstand any amount of attack an SUV could possibly take.

The vehicle has been designed to take hits from a 7.62 mm high velocity bullet. This is managed by the six-piece armor shell at the core of the vehicle, which has been made with high strength steel that provides protection. The glass of the vehicle has been replaced by multi laminated high quality glass with optical quality. This ensures that no one can look into the vehicle while at the same time the passengers and driver are provided with optimum vision. The Range Rover Sentinel has been given a VR8 ballistics certification, which is a level lower than the VR9 (Mercedes Benz S600 V Guard, 760li and Audi A8 L security have this certification). The roof and flooring of the vehicle can take 15 kg of TNT dynamite explosion along with some grenade explosions.

On the inside of the SUV, there is enough of legroom and two adults can comfortably sit in the back seat. The car has a self-sealing fuel tank, anti-tamper exhaust, and a 100mm document delivery booth on the driver`s window. The back windscreen is smash proof; this ensures everything in the back seat will remain safe no matter what. Incase all the doors have been blocked during an attack, the passengers can escape via an emergency exit in the back cabin of the vehicle. The SUV comes with 20 inch run-flat tyres which ensure that the vehicle can be driven in case the tires get deflated.

The Range Rover Sentinel is powered by a massive 3.0 liter V6 engine mated to an 8-speed transmission which makes sure the car is quick to get out of a dangerous situation. The 380 mm (front) and 365mm (rear) ventilated disc brakes, with high density pads, provide the SUV with adequate braking power when required.

The Range Rover Sentinel comes with its fair share of luxuries as well. Consumers can choose from a number of paint schemes on the exterior to the interior trim and leather preference. Adding to the security features, the SUV has a blind spot monitor, a sensor that informs incase a vehicle is closing in and 360 degree viewing camera.

Defense and Security Equipment International Exhibition at London’s Excel arena is where the Sentinel will make it debut and can be purchased at the showroom for a whooping 400,000 Euros (which includes 3-year-50, 000 mile warranty).

There is no information of the Range Rover Sentinel making its way into the country.

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