It`s raining recalls! Toyota India recalls 5,834 units of Corolla Altis diesel

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Toyota sells the Corolla Altis in India with both petrol and diesel motors.

The recall jinx does not seem to be leaving Toyota Motor. The Japanese car maker which is acclaimed for some of the most reliable and safe cars in the world has been having a tough time handling a long episode of car recalls. It is true that in the modern car industry where safety norms are strict and expectations are very high, all auto majors almost periodically recall their cars to ensure everything is working fine when something wrong is suspected. However, the global auto leader, Toyota Motor surely tops the recall list, and is also working doubly hard to save its reputation of making the best and safest cars.

The Indian car industry is also slowly but surely becoming more aware about the overall quality and safety of the cars. Even if not as strict as the international standards, India has its own safety rules in place and also mandates the periodic voluntary recalls of the car manufacturers. This has given rise to a number of car recalls even in India in the recent past. Starting from the top auto manufacturers in India like Maruti and Hyundai, to the not so popular brands all car manufacturers in India are also recalling their cars to rectify some detected problem or the other. Nevertheless, following the example of the global market, Toyota Motor leads the list of recalls in India as well.

Toyota Motor’s Indian joint venture, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has again made a new recall. TKM had just a few weeks ago recalled its Camry sedan models, the recall news has not even got old while Toyota has again gone ahead announcing yet another recall in India. Toyota India’s latest recall involves the popular Corolla Altis sedan. Toyota Kirloskar India has recalled the diesel models of its Corolla Altis to replace a faulty car component. The latest recall from Toyota India involves a total of 5,834 units of the Corolla Altis diesel that were manufactured between the periods of 15th June, 2010 and 23rd May, 2011. Toyota has stated that the other Corolla models are not involved in this recall, nor are the petrol counterparts of the sedan form a part of this recall.

The recall has been initiated to replace a particular defective car component that fails to stop oil from going into the air intake system. The owners of all the affected vehicles will be contacted by the TKM authorized dealers personally via letters or a call to ask them to bring their Corolla Altis car to the Toyota workshop. All replacements will be done absolutely free of any charges. Toyota Kirloskar Motor has been recalling its world famous Corolla in the past to fix something or the other. The Toyota Corolla Altis is available in India in both petrol and diesel variants, but it seems that the diesel variants get a better share of the issues and thus, form the larger part of these recalls.

Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota as a brand is known for its reliable cars, but the automaker has been plagued with recall issues in the recent times.