Price Comparison : Elite i20 Vs Competition

The Hyundai Elite i20 is now on roads and should have tremendous success since it builds on the success of the i20 and has several new features. Both diesel and petrol variants closely match the competition in terms of prices, higher in some cases, lower in some but not by a significant margin except in one or two cases. It will boil down to the brand mystique a customer prefers.

We pit the Hyundai Elite against its main competitors Maruti Suzuki, Nissan, Fiat and Volkswagen in this segment.

Elite i20 petrol variants vs competition

Hyundai Elite Era: Rs. 4.89 lakhs, Magna Rs. 5.42 lakhs, Sports Rs. 5.94 lakhs and Asta Rs. 6.47 lakhs

Fiat Punto Evo Active Rs. 4.55 lakhs, Dynamic Rs. 5.12 lakhs

Volkswagen Polo Trendline Rs. 4.99 lakhs, Comfortline Rs. 5.66 lakhs and Highline Rs. 6.07 lakhs

Maruti Swift LXi Rs. 4.42 lakhs, Vxi Rs. 4.90 lakhs, Zxi Rs. 5.65 lakhs

Nissan Micra XL Rs. 4.82 lakhs, XL Comfort Rs. 5.44 lakhs.

In the basic versions the Hyundai Elite i20 Era at Rs. 4.89 lakhs is a bit pricier than the Punto Evo Active, Micra XL and Swift LXi but just a bit below the Volkswagen Polo Trendline.

Step up a bit and the Magna at Rs. 5.42 lakhs is more expensive than the Fiat Dynamic and Swift Vxi but lower in price than Volkswagen Comfortline and Micra XL Comfort.

Hyundai Sportz at Rs. 5.94 lakhs and top of the line Asta at Rs. 6.47 lakhs offer competition to the Volkswagen Polo but will find the going tough. Similarly the Swift Zxi is also priced a bit lower than Hyundai’s higher end offerings.

Elite i20 diesel variants vs competition

Hyundai Elite i20 Era Rs. 6.10 lakhs, Magna Rs. 6.62 lakhs, Sportz Rs. 7.14 lakhs, Asta Rs. 7.67 lakhs

Fiat Punto Evo Active Rs. 5.27 lakhs, Dynamic Rs. 6.21 lakhs, Emotion Rs. 6.83 lakhs

Maruti Swift LDi Rs. 5.45 lakhs, Vdi Rs. 5.76 lakhs, Zdi Rs. 6.70 lakhs

Nissan Micra XE Rs. 5.45 lakhs, XL Rs. 5.78 lakhs, XL O Rs. 6.41 lakhs

Volkswagen Polo Trendline Rs. 6.27 lakhs, Comfortline Rs. 6.96 lakhs, Highline Rs. 7.37 lakhs

In diesel segment the starter versions Elite Era at Rs. 6.10 lakhs is quite a bit more expensive than the Fiat Punto Evo Active, the Swift LDi, Micra XE and sits just below the Polo Trendline.

The Magna at Rs. 6.62 lakhs is also pricier than the Fiat Dynamic, Swift Vdi and Nissan XL but costs less than the Volkswagen Polo Comfortline.

Higher up, the Sportz costs Rs. 7.14 lakhs and the Asta Rs. 7.67 lakhs, pricier than the Fiat Punto Emotion, the Suzuki Zxi and Micra XLO. Volkswagen’s Polo Highline sits above the Sportz and below the Asta in terms of price.

Except in a few cases the price difference is not that high. In some instances the Elite i20`s price is higher as in the case of its high end petrol model, the Asta, which is pricier than Maruti Swift, Nissan and Volkswagen.

That should be a losing proposition except for the fact that Hyundai gives more value in terms of money by way of extra accessories inside and out, such as the new rear view camera not available in any competitor model. What consumers want is a car that looks stylish in today’s terms, has accessories available in the price, not as add-ons, an engine that works well, gives decent mileage and is low on maintenance. This is probably where Hyundai scores and the Elite i20 should zoom ahead in popularity charts.


Elite i20

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