Official Video: Traxxas Slash 4×4 conquers the surface of water thanks to its high speed

Traxxas RC car video on water

Not so long ago, motorcycle stunt rider Robbie Maddison rode his motocross bike in the ocean, creating a video sensation all over the world. Now, cars are not known to be driven in water. These four-wheeled machines are driven on the tarmac, unless they are amphibious in nature. In line with this, a four-wheeler has just recently done the honors, by defying the laws of physics.

An international magazine called RC Car Action voted the Traxxas Slash 4×4 as the best electric truck for the year of 2014. Though the remote control vehicle is a 4×4, it is not expected to be driven in water. However, this has just been made possible and Traxxas has just demonstrated that the Slash 4×4 is one hell of a 4×4 as well. Considering Traxxas is known to build a remote control car that hit 100 mph from standstill in just four seconds on a dyno, the company has gone a step ahead this time around and has made the Slash 4×4 run on water.

To make this possible, the RC car was fitted by custom paddle tyres that are meant to run on sand. With the help of a Power Cell 3s LiPo battery and some foam noodles under its body, the Slash was powerful and fast enough to skid across the surface of water and move fast enough so as to not sink. The video shows the RC Slash do a huge jump, land and then run across the surface of water without much of an issue (amazing).

Anyhow, it seems like the term ‘insane’ has just received a new definition. The RC’s ability to skid over the water surface is just mind boggling and its power is very impressive as well. Let’s hope more companies come up with similar technologies in order to change the way conventional people think when it comes to offering something off the hook.

News Source – Traxxas via Youtube