Nissan`s Leaf to glow in the dark!

Nissan Leaf image 1

Nissan is introducing something completely unheard of in a stock car, luminescent paint! There are a number of after market companies out in the market, which put luminescent paint or glowing vinyl wraps on your car for a fee. Nissan now plans to make its electric “leaf” vehicle come with glow paint. The technology has been developed in collaboration with Hamish Scott, the guy who made glow paint that’s used on tracks in gardens. They illuminate the tracks in the evening and night, and make the pathway clear for people using it.

Nissan Leaf image 3

Similarly the paint on the electric vehicle absorbs UV light from the sunlight during daytime, and reflects it back in the evening. The Nissan Leaf will glow for upto 8-10 hours, depending on the time it spent in the sunlight. An advantage of this is, it would make night driving much more safer, as it wouldn’t be camouflaged in the dark.

The Nissan Leaf has been made keeping environment consciousness in mind. The car has an all electric motor and even the paint is prepared with only organic materials. It has an extremely rare earth element in it, called strontium aluminate, which is neither chemically or biologically reactive. Though this theory is only in its initial stages, it may make its way to the production ready car. If it does, the owner wouldn’t have to repaint the vehicle for at least 25 years. This shows how much time and money Nissan is spending on its research and development.

It would be nice to see this in a production ready car, and maybe some companies could follow suit!