Nissan plans to bring its flagship electric car Leaf to India

Nissan Leaf image 1

Japanese car major Nissan Motor Corp plans to bring its flagship electric car Leaf to India. Nissan said that it is open to collaboration with local manufacturers to provide charging infrastructure for electric cars in India.

The key road block in India has been the lack of charging infrastructure for electric cars due to which electric cars sales have met with stunted growth. Nissan`s chief planning officer, Andy Palmer said that electric cars are the future. “The product is available with us but what we need is infrastructure and that is a big challenge”.

Currently in India, automotive manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra is the only electric car maker which acquired the Reva four years back. The Nissan “LEAF” stands for (Leading, environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car). It was launched by Nissan three years back globally. The Leaf is the world`s best selling highly capable all electric car. Nissan`s Leaf holds a 45% market share of worldwide pure electric cars sold since 2010. One lakh Leaf`s have been sold so far globally.

In the US charging infrastructure is provided by the government, while Nissan uses the franchise model in Europe to charge electric cars. In Japan Nissan has a collaboration with domestic carmakers – Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi for providing the charging infrastructure and Nissan wants to emulate this model in India.

The Mahindra E2o has not found much success in India due to its high pricing and Toyota`s hybrid line up – Prius and Camry have met with a similar fate. We sincerely hope that the new government provides the necessary subsidies and support to automobile manufacturers, to make electric cars a success in India.