Nissan Patrol NISMO edition unveiled, develops 428 HP

Nissan Patrol Nismo 1

With the popularity of performance oriented vehicles on the rise, nowadays more and more manufacturers are working on the same aspect in order to gain a decent share in the ever growing performance auto industry. Latest of the lot is Nissan with its performance unit Nismo stepping up its game by quite an extent.

After developing the sporty Juke Nismo, the performance oriented division has worked on various other models including the Note, GT-R, Pulsar and Almera (Sunny) as well. Nismo offers various performance and visual upgrades for vehicles coming from the Nissan stable that appeal to the enthusiasts all over the world.

Having already worked on all the aforementioned models, Nismo has now gone out and developed a more powerful variant of the Nissan Patrol in the Middle East. Powered by a 5.6-litre V8 gasoline powered engine, the Patrol Nismo churns out a good 428 HP, which is 28 HP more than its standard counterpart. Termed as a race-inspired version of the well-known Patrol, it is well differentiated on the visual front as well with the likes of 22-inch alloy wheels that have been custom forged by Rays, improved aerodynamics and a Nismo-tuned Bilstein suspension that keeps the SUV well planted without offering too much of body roll.

The reason for Nissan launching a performance oriented Patrol variant is the fact that it can appeal to local enthusiasts who take part in high-performance off-roading events that often take place in the same region. This thereby makes the Patrol Nismo a very attractive proposition given that it has already proved its metal in the off-road platform for the past so many years. Further accentuated by the additional power offered, the SUV should be able to find many takers.

However, this model is not expected to make it to India given that Nissan does not retail the Patrol SUV in the country itself.

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