Nissan Micra Sunshine Orange added to the colour palette


Nissan India has re-introduced the Sunshine Orange colour in the colour options available for the Micra hatchback. Interestingly, this colour was originally a part of the colour palette of the old Micra hatch, which currently sells as the Micra Active. But the Japanese automaker had discontinued it after receiving poor response.

The Orange shade has suddenly started to become more popular within customers as well as automakers. Various brands have even chosen Orange coloured cars in their marketing campaigns. Be it the new Ford Figo, or the Tata Tiago, numerous cars are now being advertised in the orange shade. These market sentiments might be the reason behind Nissan re-introducing the Orange shade in the Micra Hatchback.

As a result, all models of the Micra and the Micra Active will now be available with the Sunshine Orange shade. The new colour will be offered at no extra cost. It joins the other five existing colours of the Micra, viz. Brick Red, Turquoise Blue, Blade Silver, Onyx Black, and Storm White.

Additionally, the new Nissan Micra in India will now be available with an all-black dashboard. This replaces the grey and beige cabin of the earlier models. The all-black Micra interiors are similar to the ones offered in the European markets. In the new Micra, the cabin gets a jet black dashboard, piano black elements on the centre console, and black seats which feature blue stitching. On the other hand, in the Micra Active, the black cabin consists of a black instrument panel cluster and finisher, black seat fabric and a silver-colour door armrest finisher.

Recent trends have seen manufacturers ditching grey and beige interiors in favour of an all black cabin. This was started by the Maruti Suzuki Swift, and soon was adopted by many other manufacturers and cars. Not only do black interiors feel sporty, they are also very easy to maintain in comparison to the beige counterparts. As a result, while beige was attributed as being luxurious a few years back, all black is the new “in-thing” nowadays.

Mechanically, there are no changes with the Micra hatchback. It is available in three powertrain options: a petrol manual, a diesel manual, and a petrol automatic. The Micra automatic comes equipped with the globally acclaimed Nissan X-Tronic CVT which delivers more mileage than a manual transmission making it extremely value for money.

Interestingly, the Nissan Micra is the most exported hatchback from India. But the Micra moniker isn’t doing so well in the Indian domestic market. The new Micra and the Micra Active cumulatively manage to ship just around 600 units per month. This needs to be changed at the earliest if Nissan wants to sustain in the Indian market. As a result, the new exterior and interior colour introduction has been launched to enhance the Micra’s market footprint and demand.


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