Nissan KICKS SUV to be showcased at 2016 Indian Auto Expo

Nissan KIcks concept 01

Purchasing a compact SUV is the latest fad nowadays and every carmaker wants to be a part of this fastest growing segment. As per a report from Autocar, Japanese auto giant Nissan India is readying a compact SUV based on the Kicks concept that was showcased at the Sao Paulo Motor Show last year.

With the success of the Ford Ecosport carmakers in India are eager to launch products in this segment. The new compact SUV concept from Nissan has been garnering a lot of attention since it hit the headlines last year. The Kicks concept from Nissan look quite interesting and might provide the car maker with the required volumes to help increase its market share in the country.

Nissan Kicks concept 03

Nissan knows that the Terrano alone will not help them sustain the growth they want to achieve. Sub 4-metre compact SUV`s are a hot selling proposition and carmakers are taking a leaf out of the success story of the Ecosport in India and international markets.

Nissan kicks concept 04

As per online reports the Kicks concept will be powered by the grunty 1.5 litre K9K diesel mill doing duty in the Duster. But it is not yet clear whether the SUV will be powered by the 85PS or 110PS motor. The Kicks concept is actually more than 4 metres in length, but the Indian spec could be shortened to bring it under the 4 metre mark so as to avail the necessary excise duty benefits. This will allow Nissan India to price it very competitively against it arch rival the Ecosport.

Nissan Kicks concept 02

The concept car features a V shaped front design with muscular wheel arches, sporty looking front and rear bumpers, and good ground clearance. The product has been developed entirely in the United States of America and it may be displayed to the Indian public at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi. Now, only if Nissan brings all the elements of this concept into production, it could prove to be a game changer for the carmaker.