Nissan India future plans

Infiniti Q70

Nissan Infiniti Q70 –

There is a lot of scope for automobile manufacturers in the Indian market. Even though the sales keep fluctuating, there is no denying the fact that every major manufacturer wants a piece of the action going on here. Nissan has also cooked up big plans for the Indian market. The Japanese car maker recently brought in the Datsun brand to India with their really affordable product Go. Nissan took this step to increase the volume of products being sold in the Indian market and to make its presence felt strongly in the Indian car scene. Nissan is working towards strengthening the brand`s presence in the Indian market. They might also bring in more brands of the group and launch some high end products for the enthusiasts.

The chairman of Nissan in India, Africa and West Asia, Mr. Takashi Hata revealed that the company has got huge plans for India. They are planning to enter the luxury car market as it is growing strongly. Right now Audi is leading the luxury car market with competition from other manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, BMW and Volvo. If they go ahead with their plans, we might see their brand Infiniti being introduced in the market soon. To keep the prices competitive, Nissan will try to maximise the level of local production for the new brand. They are not the only one trying to enter the luxury car segment. Toyota is also planning to bring the Lexus brand to India and it will surely play a tough rival for other players in the segment.

Just like Toyota is planning to launch the Lexus brand in India, Nissan will bring in Infiniti cars as completely knocked down units. They recently showcased new concept models like the Q30 hatchback and Q30 crossover. These models will sit lower in their product line-up and will compete with the entry level products of other luxury car manufacturers. Apart from this, they are also planning to bring the mighty Nissan GT-R to India. Obviously it is going to be targeted at a very specific band of buyers so the numbers are going to be small. That is why Nissan will be bringing the GT-R to India through the CBU route.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R –

The Nissan GT-R is one of the best sports cars this world has ever seen. It is loaded to the brim with technology and all that technology works together to sing the song of speed in perfect harmony. It can easily humiliate cars even twice its price and it can do that not only on straights but on sharp corners. It is known to be one of the best handling production cars. Apart from this, Nissan is also planning to bring in a new compact SUV which will go against the Ford EcoSport. To enhance the brand value, Nissan will be introducing two new cars in next couple of years. The car manufacturer has seen a good boost in sales for the period April to August and will try to keep this momentum going. The Datsun brand has also performed better than expected and they were able to sell almost 50 percent more units than predicted.