Nissan IDS concept showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan IDS concept 1

Nissan has unveiled its latest concept car at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show today. The IDS concept paves the way for Nissan’s future in zero emission electric vehicles and autonomous driving. One of the most important features in the concept is that the vehicle can drive on its own when Piloted Drive mode is activated. In this mode, the car will automatically adjust its speed (accelerating and braking) and cornering in exactly the same way as the driver.

The normal manual mode on the other hand lets the driver take control. However, the on-board sensors will constantly monitor all conditions and help the driver to take evasive actions in a sudden accident prone situation. The one unique feature is the fact that the Nissan IDS concept has artificial intelligence that constantly communicates with the driver in terms of traffic conditions and even personal interests. This makes driving safe, enjoyable and comfortable at the same time.

Nissan IDS Concept

The design is surely something we can ramble on for a long time. To summarise, the hatchback has a long wheelbase that can comfortably seat four. Interior room increases when the car is in Pilot Drive mode as the steering wheel moves into the centre console and a large flat screen pops out instead.

Nissan IDS Concept interior

Interior upholstery is finished in leather and all four seats can rotate inwards as well, thereby enabling all passengers to face each other. The Manual Drive mode on the other hand lets the driver take control. A heads-up display shows the route and other information.

The car’s side body line is an LED that shines white when pedestrians are around. The overall exterior design has been designed in a way to keep drag at minimal which in turn makes the vehicle fuel efficient, thanks to smoother air flow.

Nissan IDS Concept

Power comes from a 60 kWh battery and can take the car long distances (actual capacity is unknown). Other technologies include Piloted Park system, which the driver can control through a tablet or smartphone and wireless charging.