Nissan GT-R India Launch will not happen anytime soon


Nissan GT-R is a Japanese sportscar which is known for its handling, driving dynamics and a top speed of over 300 Km/h. When we heard that Nissan was planning to bring the GT-R to India, it got us really excited. But as per a recent report from Overdrive, Nissan is still thinking about the feasibility of the GT-R for the Indian market. As per reports Nissan is currently focusing on strengthening its foothold in the Indian market with its existing line-up of products. Even other Japanese car makers do not have a presence in the sportscar segment in India.

The sportscar market in India is highly competitive and the Nissan 370Z was having a tough time competing with German and Italian sportscars in India. With the current price positioning the GT-R has in Japan and Europe it could end up being costlier than the Audi R8 in India. The GT-R is powered by a V6 turbo-charged engine which produces a staggering 530 bhp of power and 612 Nm of twisting force. The Nissan GT-R has a claimed top-speed of 300 km/h.

Fans of the Japanese sportscar will have to wait a little longer to see their favourite sportscar in Nissan dealerships.

Source : Overdrive

Pics Courtesy : Thecarspy