Nissan bets big on AMT models

Nissan crosses five lakh milestone in cumulative export from India

Nissan India is planning to develop an automated manual transmission (AMT) for its budget models in India. Nissan says that this AMT box will be developed in-house.

Takashi Hata, senior vice president, India said, that Nissan would use its existing manual gearboxes to develop AMT Technology which would be cost effective for the company.

With the success of Maruti Celerio AMT other manufacturers are looking at launching AMT models. We all know that the Celerio AMT has become a runaway success for Maruti and other manufacturers want to cash in on this technology.

AMT gear box is cheaper in comparison to the CVT transmission offered on many cars nowdays. This news indicates that we can expect an AMT gearbox equipped Sunny, Micra and Datsun in the future. Tata which is also launching the BOLT hatchback and ZEST sedan in July will also feature the AMT gearbox. The AMT transmission in the Nissan line up will definitely boost sales for the brand as more and more customer are opting for automatic cars which are a better option to drive in today`s traffic conditions.

Nissan is also planning to bring in the Qashqai SUV to India which could do wonders for the brand if it is priced competitively and assembled in India.

Source : Auto car India