Next-generation Renault Duster to get a digital instrument cluster

New Renault Duster

Renault brought the Duster to India in 2012 to create a new segment called the entry-level SUV or compact SUV segment. Such was the vehicle’s success in India that this segment is now one of the most fiercely battled ones in recent times. But the Duster has aged now and it is not able to find many buyers in comparison to its rivals including the recently launched Hyundai Creta.

The company introduced an AWD and a few limited edition versions to keep sales going, but we all know how well these help in really getting sales going. Therefore, Renault is aware that it has to comprehensively update the Duster in order to get back in the sales game.

Next-Generation Renault Duster

The next-generation Renault Duster is expected to feature a host of changes on the design front to make it look fresher. However, the interiors too are expected to feature many changes due to the fact that the current model has been flaked with many criticisms on the same front. The automatic gearbox is expected to be featured on the new model Duster, but what comes as a latest update, Renault will be giving it a full-digital instrument cluster as well. The digital instrument cluster is expected to be similar to the recently showcased Renault Kwid.

The French car maker has worked hard to localize the Kwid by 98 percent. Much of this localization can be attributed to its interiors as well, including the full-digital instrument cluster in topic. With Renault hitting local suppliers for sourcing the part, the move to bring the same to the Duster is justified as well because the next-gen Duster will then have something very unique to offer to buyers who are considering to buy a vehicle in the same segment.

Given we Indians just love to get the most value for money, the added digital instrument cluster is expected to be well received as well.