New “self learning car” technology developed by Jaguar Land Rover

When the first automobile was invented all it could do was transport you from destination A to destination B. The year 1886 is regarded as the birth year of the modern automobile – with the Benz Patent, Motorwagen was invented by German Karl Benz. We`ve travelled a long way since then and modern cars which ply on today’s roads do more than just transporting you from one place to another.

A research team from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has developed a new self learning intelligent vehicle system for delivering a personalised driving experience. This new system is designed to prevent accidents by reducing driver distraction. The vehicle will have its own on-board “Smart Assistant” which will carry out a range of functions to ensure the driver concentrates only on driving the car.

The Smart Assistant will perform the following actions:

1)       Recognises driver by their smart phone

2)       Smart Assistant will set the temperature, steering, mirrors and seat setting to the individual`s preference.

3)       The Smart Assistant feature will review the drivers schedule and reset the navigation as per the traffic conditions to avoid delays.

4)       Fuel assist will inform the driver if gasoline needs to be filled and suggests filling stations based on the route.

5)       Predictive phone call predicts who the driver will call in emergency situations.

6)       Auto Adaptive Cruise Control applies a distance setting based on the owner`s style of driving.

This sounds really cool but we`re not sure when Jaguar Land Rover will make this technology accessible to consumers. These smart technologies will definitely help in aiding the driver perform his tasks with minimal distractions. Innovation is the key to the future and I won`t be surprised to see more smart technologies making their way into future cars.