New Fiat 2.0-litre multijet engine to power upcoming Tata SUVs

Tata nexon

Tata Nexon concept SUV which was displayed at the 2014 Auto Expo

The cars that Fiat markets and sells in India might not be the most popular, but the Multijet engine, which they developed, has literally transported the nation. The 1.3 Liter Multijet engine, which is used to drive a number of cars under many segments and under many badges.

Tata Motors seems to be on an uphill rise after its launch of the new Zest sedan. The company has been going all out and doing a lot of R&D for it’s new vehicles. It plans to launch a 5seater and 7 seater sedans, in the domestic and international market. Tata Motors is using technical inputs of its sister company, Jaguar Land Rover. For its engine, Fiat Chrysler and Tata are working together to locally develop a new 2.0 Liter Multijet diesel engine. This engine will do duty on the new Tata cars and also Fiat’s Compact SUV, which will be sold under the Jeep badge.

Tata Motors will be using the engine on its new SUV’s, codenamed “Q501” and “Q502”. Fiat will stand to profit from this, as the engine will be used under license on a number of cars. Even though the Fiat cars don’t make a huge dent on the Indian automobile sector, their engines don’t fail to impress.

Image Credit – Autocarindia