New Endeavour from Ford to be launched in 2015

Ford India`s only arsenal in the big SUV space has been the Endeavour. The Endeavour looks dated now and hasn`t been able to garner much sales due to heavy competition from the Toyota Fortuner. Ford plans to bring in the all the new Endeavour to India in 2015 to create the much needed impact in the big SUV space.




The new Endy will be based on the Ranger pick-up and Ford plans to assemble the model in India. Ford is looking at heavily localising the SUV to keep a check on the costs. This would help Ford price the new Endy competitively to take on the likes of Toyota Fortuner and the Santa Fe.

The new Endeavour looks more mature and has modern design cues. The front facia has a lot of chrome and an EcoSport like grille, chrome capped wing mirrors and a 6 spoke alloy design. This will also be a seven seater SUV like the previous model but it does not have the boxy looks of current model. Once it is launched the new Endy will have to directly compete with the Toyota Fortuner, Hyundai Santa Fe and Mitsubishi Pajero. Ford will equip the new model with Ford`s sync technology. Expect Ford to spruce up the interiors with a futuristic touch.

The current Endy has a very bumpy rise and we hope Ford fixes this issue in the new model. As per reports the new Endy will also be a ladder on frame SUV and will come in two wheel drive and four wheel drive variants. It is expected that Ford will plonk a 2.2 litre and 3 litre diesel engine under the hood. Manual and automatic variants would be offered to suit the customer’s requirements.

If Ford prices the new Endy competitively we can expect it to give a tough fight to Toyota Fortuner which is the reigning King at the moment.

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