New Audi A8L Security unveiled

Audi A8L security edition

Recently the Mercedes Benz S600 Guard made its debut and it was nothing short of an armored fortress. The Mercedes S600 has a VR9 ballistics certification (as per the BRV 2009 guidelines, which basically means you’d be untouchable in one of them. The previous gen Audi A8L Security had a VR7 level but now comes with the VR 9 (which is the highest for any civilian vehicle).

The VR9 certification is one of the highest level for civilian vehicles. What the certification means is that any car, which has the VR9 certification, can withstand 7.62X51mm riffle rounds on various parts of the body structure and at various angles. 7.62X51 mm rounds are widely used in snipers and automatic/semi-automatic machine guns.

Audi A8L security interiors

The upgraded Audi A8L Security edition is slated to be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show next week. What makes this car special is that it has been upgraded to match the higher security certification. The Audi A8 has special alloy wheels and Steel armor, which not only offers more protection, but also reduces the weight. The intercom and communication features come as standard along with the selective door-unlocking feature. As optional extras one can avail the patented emergency exit system, the fire extinguisher system and the fresh air (in case of emergency) system.


Audi has put a lot of thought into deciding the engine variants for this particular vehicle. They have kept in mind the fact that the Audi A8L Security is a huge (and heavy) vehicle, which needs to be fast to get out of sticky situations. Propelling the vehicle is a powerful 4 litre V8 engine which pumps out 435 bhp and 61kgm of torque. And if that’s not enough you can opt for the mammoth W12, which bangs out 500 bhp and 63kgm of torque. Also, the Audi A8 comes along with the Quattro system. This makes the Audi A8L the only mass-produced factory made all-wheel drive armored vehicle in the world!


In India the car will cost about 9 crore (ex-showroom Delhi). Not a small price to pay if you’re a rich man whose a big target. The Audi A8L Security will be competing with the BMW 760 Li high security and the Mercedes S600 Guard. Range Rover will be adding to the list of options as well. The Tata owned JLR special operations team has made a highly armored vehicle using the Range Rover Autobiography as a base vehicle. The car is called the Range Rover Sentinel.

All in all, the Audi A8L Security has tried really hard to come up to the standards of the BMW and Mercedes armored vehicles, and has succeeded pretty well. You can be rest assured you’d be safe travelling in one of these.

Audi A8L security rear three quarter