New 7-seater Renault Duster to come in 2016

Renault duster 7 seater illustration

Renault Duster is undoubtedly one of the best selling cars in the country. Launched in the country in 2010, the Duster is still selling strong and is popular with consumers.

Renault Duster is the highest selling car for Renault, and the company will play close attention to detail while making its 7-seater version. Renault  (Dacia motors) plans to introduce a new version of the Duster, which would be longer than the current model. It would be a seven-seater vehicle, with modifications to the chassis.

New Gen Renault Duster

The on-going model is about 4.3 meters in length and the new Duster will be 4.5 meters in length. The extra space is to make legroom for the additional row of seats. Not exactly going to be the most comfortable seating position, then again not all 7-seater SUV’s have that comfort.

The main focus of the manufacturer would be to keep the car as light as possible, and possibly give the car a new petrol and diesel engine. Till then, we`ll have to make do with the facelifted Duster; expected by the end of this year.

Source : Caradisiac

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