National Green Tribunal bans diesel vehicles older than 10 years in Delhi

Last year, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had passed a rule to ban all the vehicles older than 15 years in the capital city but unfortunately, the state failed to implement the rules.  With the pollution level increasing every day and Delhites complaining of severe health problems, the Tribunal found it necessary to take immediate action for reducing the pollution level and to deliver cleaner air to the citizens of Delhi.

Ban on diesel vehicles in delhi

Diesel vehicles more than 10 years old have been banned in Delhi

Hence, this rule applies to all the cars and transport vehicles entering Delhi from other states like UP, Haryana and neighbouring states. As per sources, during the last month, the tribunal`s chairperson Justice, Swatanter Kumar directed the Delhi government to submit the list of diesel vehicles, which are older than 10 years, and the petrol vehicles older than 15 years in these states, which are responsible for degradation of the air quality to a dangerous level.

The NGT has also asked the state to map all the entry points in Delhi and to set up individual check points along the border to cross check each vehicle entering the capital for its emission (PUC), weight and age. As Delhites have been complaining about the rising levels of air pollution in the state leading to many severe health issues, the state and the NGT have finally decided to take action. So much so that the court even banned the unregulated constructions happening in the capital region in violation of the environmental laws.  The frustrated citizens of the state also showed their displeasure towards the Haryana state government for shifting the dates of the completion of the Western Peripheral Expressway, which will force the trucks to enter the city.

It’s true! In India, unless stringent rules are not implemented by the government, pollution levels cannot be reduced.

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