MV Augusta F4Z Zagato – the only one in this world!

MV Augusta F4Z 2

What comes to your mind when someone says the name – MV Augusta? Menacing and superbly designed motorcycles? Well, if this is your answer, you probably know what the iconic Italian manufacturer is all about. With a handful of legendarily designed bikes in its portfolio, MV August is often regarded as the producer of the most beautiful bikes on this planet. And the automaker is now set to introduce another wallpaper-material superbike on September 4 – the MV Augusta F4Z Zagato.

The F4Z Zagato is a one-off motorcycle, which is essentially based on the Zagato concept showcased earlier. It has been specifically designed and developed for a Japanese collector, who has been a long-time fan of MV Augusta bikes.

The new MV Augusta superbike is built using light weight elements like aluminum and carbon fiber. Even the paint used on the bike has been specially engineered to reduce addition of weight to the vehicle’s gross rating. The entire bodywork of the bike has actually been designed and fabricated by a famous coach building firm. The entire body panels of the bike have been reengineered to optimize looks as well as performance of the F4Z Zagato.

The front fascia of the bike gets a Cyclops mono-projector headlight, that looks like the eye of the bike. It has been detailed with a textured aluminium casing. The signle, cantilevered seat is the main highlight of the bike’s side profile. Additionally, the designer has cleverly wrapped the seat in red leather, in order to match it with the bike’s front faring and headlamp cowl. The fuel tank has been designed to provide enough space for the rider to lock his knees into the bike while cornering, while it is surrounded by an aerodynamic panel that pushes hot air away from the rider’s legs, thus making the bike very comfortable to ride.

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Being a heavily customized bike going to a collector’s house, the MV Augusta F4Z Zagato will mostly be a piece to just look at and admire. It won’t really be ridden extensively, be it in city or on highways. Hence, the customization firm hasn’t revealed much details about its technical specifications. But sources suggest that it will likely be powered by the same engine that does the powering duty on the MV August F4. This means that the F4Z Zagato will house a 1,000 cc, 4-cylinder liquid cooled engine which is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. This powertrain setup is capable of generating 195 bhp at 13,400 rpm and 111 Nm of torque at 9,600 rpm.


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