Monsoon car care tips

Cars require special attention during the monsoon season. Although, the season is necessary for many essential things one of them being agriculture, it is equally problematic for your vehicles especially for your cars. Water along with moisture and humidity which is brought along with monsoon plays a spoilsport in your long and enjoyable drives. With the advent of monsoon, also come many foreseeable and unforeseeable dangers that might turn out to be fatal at times. Thus, one can easily protect his car from the sometimes cruel monsoon by adopting certain simple steps.


Prior to going into various technical measures, you should check the overall health of your car. If it requires scheduled service in the upcoming months, try to get it done as soon as possible. Reason being, it ensures you that your car is all ready to tackle and face the monsoon along with its water, moisture and humidity. Another most essential thing to be done is to spray anti-rust solution on all the metal parts of the car that are exposed to rain water. Along with that, all the drain plugs should be closed because a missing drain plug would let in muddy and dirty water from the roads and make your car’s carpets soil. One of the most common problems during rainy season is the constant dirt on the windshields. In order to remove dirt from the car’s windshield, wiper should be used very carefully otherwise scratches can appear.

In addition to this, you need to focus on each part of the car as well.

Body care: One of the most important things to be done in monsoon is to take care of the body of the car. Since rain water is slightly acidic which makes your car’s paint to wear away due to its constant exposure. This can be curbed by using a good quality wax polish on your car. In addition to that, all the scratches in the paint work are required to be touched up in order to prevent the metal from rusting.

Tyres: Another most essential thing to be done is to ensure that tyres of the car are in good shape having sufficient tread depth. Since your entire journey depends upon the fitness of tyres, just ensure that the treads are deep enough by using a coin and check if the depth is within safe limits.

Lights: Sometimes the lights of the car seem fine in summer but they may be inadequate in rainy season because of good absorption of lights by wet roads resulting into less visibility. Thus, always use bulbs of good quality especially yellow lights which give better contrast as compare to others.

Washer Wiper: It is always essential that wipers are of good quality. Between two rainy seasons, the wiper blades of the car become little hard and also traffic film gets coated on them. Even the wind screen can be oily due to traffic film. They should be cleaned with a soap solution.


Pictures Source: Newindianexpress