Mercedes to unveil Next-Gen E-Class at 2016 Detroit Motor Show, Concept model showcase soon

2016 Mercedes Benz E Class Front spied

2016 Mercedes Benz E Class Front spied


It doesn’t come as a surprise from Mercedes Benz to keep offering something new for its loyal and prospective customers. While the company is busy extensively testing its next-gen E-Class on international roads, the bulletin board is hit by another update that Mercedes might unveil its E-Class (W213 model) at the 2016 Detroit Show.

Replacing its current W212 E-Class Model, the upcoming E- Class W213 model will be based on the same new MRA platform which underpins the current E-Class model. As compared to the ongoing model, the W213 model is going to be lighter by around 70-150 kg, which is a plus point.

2016 Mercedes Benz E Class side spyshots

2016 Mercedes Benz E Class side profile spyshot


Following the current S-Class and C-Class in terms of design cues, the company is likely to follow the new design language which means flowing body lines and surfaces. Mercedes is expected to power the W213 model with the existing engine which powers the W212 model. It is likely that this model might receive a new turbocharged 6-cylinder in-line engine, which as per reports is said to be in the development stage.

Along with these, many safety features from the current S-Class along with a plug-in hybrid power-train is also likely to be offered in the next-gen E-Class model. Not only this, the company is also planning to introduce the long wheel base models for the Indian market. Already available in China, the long wheel base models are available in left hand drive and are approximately 14 cm longer than the standard models.

Feature wise, the company is all set to introduce the autonomous technology in the name of Mercedes’ Highway Pilot System along with a self-parking system. The former feature uses the Distronic Plus Cruise Control system, which not only reduces the speed of the car, but also checks the lane outside, if clear it instructs to pull over or overtake and when safe, it even pulls back into the lane.

2016 Mercedes Benz E Class rear spied

2016 Mercedes Benz E Class rear spied


Before it introduces the production model at the 2015 Detroit Show, the luxury carmaker Mercedes is likely to show the whole concept as a model at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. This showcasing of the conceptual model will clarify many doubts of the prospective buyers and even give a hint of the price tag. We`ll have to wait a bit for the company to unveil the model, for further details to emerge.