Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet teased before it’s unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show

mercedes s class cabriolet 1

The S-Class cabriolet will be the world`s most comfortable droptop

Many Mercedes fans all over the world are hopelessly waiting for the Frankfurt Motor Show because the S-Class Cabriolet will be revealed internationally at the same place. Giving a sneak peak about the vehicle, Mercedes has just released a new teaser image of what is expected to become the “world’s most comfortable cabriolet”.

Based on the premium S-Class coupe, the “comfortable” notion can be explained due to the upcoming vehicle’s luxurious cabin that features premium leather upholstery, along with metallic accents and wooden trims. Adding to this, the car will also get heated arm rests, an “intelligent” automatic climate control system and heated seats. The model might also come with the Aircap automatic wind protection system along with Airscarf front seats.

Playing successor to the legendary convertible model that was retailed from 1961 to 1971, the new MB S-Class Cabriolet is all set to feature the world’s largest folding fabric roof ever seen on a production car till date. The upcoming Mercedes will go head on with the likes of the Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

Given the rise in sales of its premium range all over the world, Mercedes is holding high expectations from the S-Class Cabriolet as well. On the design front, the vehicle’s boot is larger when compared to the S-Class Coupe, mainly for accommodating the large automatic folding roof. The windshield frame is stronger than other S-Class models and the boot lid and rear wing panels have been redesigned specifically for this model.

On the mechanical front, the Cabriolet will carry the Coupe’s engines only. After debuting next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the S-Class Cabriolet should start retailing in the USA next year, followed by other countries.

mercedes s class cabriolet

It will feature the world`s most largest fabric folding roof on a car