Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard India launch on May 21, 2015

Mercedes S600 Guard 02

Don’t judge a book by its cover! The famous quote is proved right by luxury carmaker, Mercedes, which is going to launch the armored version of its flagship luxury sedan S-Class, known as the S600 Guard on May 21st, 2015 in the Indian market. At first glance, the car looks like any other Mercedes model, but behind the body shell are layers of armored protection. After the other two models, E-Guard and M-Guard, the S600 Guard is the third one in Mercedes India’s armored vehicle lineup.

Mercedes S600 Guard 17

As the luxury sedan is armor protected, its doors and windows are extra thick when compared to the standard S-Class model. The windows are very heavy and a hydraulic lift is required for each to open and close. Under the body shell, armored plating has been inserted which can safeguard the passengers from deadly projectiles. The S600 Guard gets VR9-level ballistic protection (as per the BRV 2009 specifications), which clearly states that the car can even survive multiple 7.62x51mm rifle rounds.

Mercedes S600 Guard 19

The Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard is also equipped with an oxygen supply apparatus, which secures all exterior vents and even the windows, to deliver pure air to avoid any kind of suffocation to its passengers, in case your opponents decide to launch a gas attack. The specially made Michelin PAX run flat tyres offer zero pressure driving system even when being shot for more than 36 kms. To prevent any kind of harm from grenades or missiles, the car is also equipped with armor on the underbody.

Mercedes S600 Guard 13

Inside the cabin, there is no change to the interiors of the armored S-Class. The interiors look similar to the standard S-Class sedan. You get the usual massaging seats to pamper you, while you play your favorite music relaxing in the backseat.

This armored car will also provide the much needed entertainment every time you`re Chauffer decides to take the car for a spin. Under the hood is a massive 6.0 liter V12 motor churning out 530 PS and 830 NM of twisting force, coupled to Mercedes’ 7G automatic transmission. Due to the S600 Guard`s weight and size, the top speed is limited to 210 kmph, which isn’t bad at all. To top it, the tank gets AIRMATIC suspension which is stiffer, more robust, along with toughened dampers.

Mercedes Benz S600 Guard