Mercedes Benz to launch a dozen new cars by 2020

Mercedes Concept SUV

Mercedes Concept SUV

The luxury car models are getting increasingly popular not only in the very developed car markets but also in the developing car markets such as India. Thus, this is the perfect time for the premium car majors to make hay by releasing as many new products as possible. Needless to mention, the luxury car market fight is also very intense, especially among the three famous German premium car majors namely Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

In order to increase its market presence and to boost its sales even more, Mercedes Benz has announced that the company is going to launch as many as 12 new models in the global car markets by the year 2020. This news has been confirmed by the Research & Development head of Mercedes Benz, Thomas Weber during the inauguration ceremony of the company’s new research center located in Beijing.

While commenting on this development of the company, Weber also revealed that each and every new car model will be an entirely new addition to Mercedes Benz’s existing product portfolio. Each of these new upcoming Mercedes Benz cars will be entirely fresh models and none of them have a direct precursor in the company’s existing product range. However, he has not revealed any more details regarding the actual upcoming Mercedes Benz cars that are going to debut in the world markets in the next 5 years time.

Though further details are not available at the moment, from what Weber has said it can be fairly understood that the upcoming dozen cars from the house of the German luxury car major are either going to be all new car models or entirely brand new models that are going to be built from scratch, and the second is more probable to happen. In both cases, each of the new models will only enhance the brand identity of Mercedes Benz, and if they are entirely new cars then they will definitely expand the product range by a great deal. This mammoth project will be Mercedes Benz’s one of the most rigorous development cycles that has been undertaken by the German auto major.

Some of the Mercedes Benz’s new models that have reached the advanced developmental stages are the New C-Class Cabriolet, CLA Shooting Brake, S-Class Pullman, S-Class Maybach, GLE Coupe and the GLC Coupe. Another one probable new model from Mercedes Benz could be a compact sized crossover based on the newly revealed Mercedes Benz G-Code concept car that could hit the market to fight it out with the Audi Q1.

This announcement of Mercedes Benz to launch many new car models in the coming years is also followed by yet another new company statement in which Mercedes Benz has revealed its plans to introduce as many as ten new plug-in hybrid models to its product portfolio.

Looks like Mercedes Benz is all set to charm the world audience with its new offerings.

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