Mercedes-Benz cars to be powered by Bio-Diesel in leau of Diesel Ban

Mercedes benz india plans to shift its vehicles to bio-diesel

Remember the Supreme Court’s order that came out in December last year and banned the sale and registration of Diesel SUVs and luxury cars that are powered by engines of more than 2000 cc displacement? Well, looks like Mercedes-Benz India has had a tough time dealing with this diesel ban, which was applicable in the entire NCR area. Hence, the German luxury car maker has now expressed its plans to shift its diesel power mills to the environmentally sound option of bio-diesel.

These plans were disclosed by the Central Road Transport and highways minister, Nitin Gadkari, after he received a letter from the officials at Mercedes-Benz, who claimed that their vehicles can use 100% bio-diesel fuel and can thus be exempted from the Supreme Court Diesel ban.

This announcement comes on the backdrop of the Government’s recent draft notification that allows the sales of newly launched vehicles that can run on either a mixture of diesel and bio-diesel, or 100% bio-diesel. Though this is just a draft and the final decision is yet to come, this will indeed be a win-win situation for both, the environment and the manufacturers.

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The entire Supreme Court diesel-ban case is a result of rising pollution levels in the country’s National Capital Region. These exponentially increasing pollutants in Delhi’s air has also forced the State Government to take on the Odd-Even car rationing scheme. Since Bio-Diesel has several positives in comparison to the conventional diesel, we expect it to be a lot less harmful to the ecosystem.

How will the Mercedes-Benz Bio-Diesel cars perform as compared to their diesel-run counterparts? Well, this is exactly the question running on our minds as well.