Mercedes Benz cars might suffer from ‘possible irregularities’ in emission testing

2017 Mercedes AMG GLC 43

After the infamous Volkswagen diesel-gate scandal that vandalized the German automaker’s public image, another German manufacturing giant seems to have fallen prey for the emission scandal. Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, is reported to have started an internal investigation in order to verify whether there are some internal anomalies in the emission certification process through which every Mercedes car is subjected, before being readily available in the market.

This decision to start an internal investigation on the said issue comes on the backdrop of the US Department of Justice contacting Daimler last week and making a request to organize an in-depth investigation into the company’s emission test practices. The German automotive brand released an official statement on the issue, claiming that “Daimler is cooperating fully with the authorities. Daimler will consequently investigate possible indications of irregularities and of course take all necessary action.”

Though no official statement has been released from the Justice Department’s end, we believe that this action has been taken after US owners of various Mercedes Benz cars having the BlueTec diesel engines filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer. The owners had claimed that the car’s pollution control technology abruptly shuts down at cooler temperatures, which might lead to higher emission levels. This analogy is similar to the defeat devices found in VW’s diesel cars, which affected more than 600,000 vehicles in the United States. Experts suggest that such cars, that are programmed to dodge emission tests, are 19 times more polluting than what is being set as a threshold limit by the Clean Air Act.

Though all these are speculations currently, as officials from Mercedes Benz have suggested that the lawsuits filed by US owners were completely ‘without merit’ and the internal investigation induced by the Justice Department’s request is unrelated to it.

The truth will only be revealed once the investigation reaches its conclusion, but we hope no other automaker is guilty of doing something that VW did and burnt its public reputation.

(Source – Autoblog)