Mercedes-AMG joins hands with MV Agusta

Mercedes AMG joins hands with MV Agusta

Mercedes-AMG acquires 25 percent of MV Agusta

Following the example of high profile joint venture between Audi and Ducati, German luxury car manufacturing company Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta has joined their hands and signed an agreement for partnering in the areas of marketing and sales that will ensure their long term business association. Mercedes-AMG has signed the partnership agreement with MV Agusta on the basis that the former will also be acquiring an interest of 25 percent in the later and will also employ one associate in the company’s board of directors. The joint venture of these two companies will benefit both of them, while Mercedes-AMG is a German luxury car manufacturer MV Agusta is an Italian high performance motorcycle maker.

Though both the companies have announced about their long term partnership intensions very clearly, neither of the companies have revealed anything related to the financial part of the transactions, which would be getting regulatory approval within this current month that is November, 2014.

The chief executive officer of Mercedes-AMG, Mr. Tobias Moers while commenting on the joint venture of these two companies said that Mercedes-AMG has found the perfect two wheeler partner in MV Agusta. He further said that this partnership will provide Mercedes-AMG with an opportunity to enter a new world which has additional high performance enthusiasts in form of the high-end bike lovers.” Mercedes-AMG is the performance wing of Daimler AG, and is a company which is famous for its superb V8 engines and its awesome luxurious sports cars that have been charming the auto enthusiasts all over the world. On the other hand, Italian bike manufacturer MV Agusta, known for its high performance motorcycles also has a huge fan following in the international markets. The association between Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta will allow Mercedes-AMG to go beyond its audience of only car enthusiasts and cater to the demands of a broader audience of power performance enthusiasts round the world. At present, the company sells six AMG branded high performance Mercedes-Benz car models in the Indian car market.

The president and Chief Executive Officer of MV Agusta, Mr. Giovanni Castiglioni while commenting on the partnership between the two companies, said that these two companies are the perfect brand match, where high performance is concerned. He said that the two companies complement each other perfectly, as both the companies are acclaimed for great alluring design language, delivering high-performance products along with the highest quality. This partnership agreement with Mercedes-AMG will also help MV Agusta to widen its access to new markets across the globe.

Thus, the partnership will be highly beneficial for both the companies. It has also been speculated that MV Agusta has been eyeing to venture into the Indian two-wheeler market for a few years, and now its association with Mercedes-AMG might provide the perfect opportunity for the two wheeler maker to venture into the Indian market with its premium motorcycle models.

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