Mercedes AMG GT to make its debut in India by March 2015

Mercedes AMG GT side profile

Over the last few years, Mercedes had lost considerable market share in India to its German counterparts (Audi and BMW).  Things weren’t looking good for the 3 pointed star, which once commanded a status wherever it went. However Mercedes is making a comeback of sorts. It all began with its brilliant new E-Class, which made people stand up and take notice. New sharp design, integrated technologies and interior designed nothing less than a business class jet, made it an instant hit. The new AMG GT, which replaces the SLS does the same.

The AMG GT hopes to be part of the new powerful efficient supercars, which are environmentally conscious and don’t disappoint on the track. All the new breed of supercars, ranging from the Porsche 911 to the LaFerrari is part of this new age movement.

Mercedes AMG GT in motion

On the outside, the car looks like a brutal animal, with a muscular hood and sharp design flow along the sides, to a brilliant looking exterior. The car has a “ don’t mess with me “ stance, with a huge 3-pointed star emblem up front that is perfectly placed on a massive grill. The new beautifully designed headlamps and tail-lights perfectly compliment the aggressive style of the car.  The alloy wheels make it look like the car is in motion, even at standstill.

Mercedes AMG GT interiors

The interior is where the car comes alive. The center console is designed like a V8 engine, with the buttons placed to make it look like the cylinders. The AC vents are the evolved version of circular vents seen on the current models. Quality of materials is unlike we’ve seen before in a Mercedes. Top notch stitching, futuristic dashboard, and sporty steering wheel. Mercedes is clearly not holding back!

The heart of the engine is where the magic happens. A twin turbo charged hand built 4.0 liter V8 from the AMG stable powers the car and pumps out an astonishing 642 horses and 600 Nm of torque. The GT S is ever more brutal, that engine produces 510 PS and 650 Nm of torque. All that power is transferred to the tyres via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The car has a number of safety features like adaptive braking high beam assist, traction control and the works.

This car makes for the perfect replacement of the SLS AMG. It’s like the SLS AMG went to the gym and became really lean and is back with a vengeance. The only thing anyone would dislike in this car is the missing signature gullwing door.

This car is expected to hit Indian roads by March 2015, and could be in your garage for Rs 2-2.25 crores (ex-showroom).

Mercedes AMT GT rear view