McLaren P1 GTR V/S F1 GTR; Battle for Supremacy! [Video]

McLaren P1 GTR vs F1 GTR

Here’s a video of two legendary McLaren cars flexing their muscles on a racetrack. The McLaren F1 was a car way ahead of its time. The P1 too, when launched, was way ahead of its time in terms of design as well as engine capability.

The McLaren P1 is nothing short of a scientific masterpiece. It’s the perfect combination, where science meets art. The McLaren F1 GTR is one up on the P1. The car has used different materials to help reduce its weight, and make its body design more functionally aerodynamic. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery, which goes very, VERY FAST!

The track specific only P1 GTR only has one small “ticket window” to access the outside world. Once inside, the driver and machine become completely isolated from the outside world. The cars monstrous 3.8 Liter V8 twin turbo has been tweaked to push out maximum power. The engine provides about 789 bhp, while the electric motor that comes along with it bangs out 197. That gives it a total of 986 bhp, which is way more than you (or me!) could handle.

Everything about the P1 GTR has been designed with purposed. Take for example the side window on this car is made of motorsport specification polycarbonate, to make it light weight! A lot of weight reduction measures have been taken, from polycarbonate windows to carbon fiber roof panels and engine cover. Though the car has an 80mm wider front end, it is lighter by a good 50kgs than the road specific P1.

In terms of aerodynamics, the rear spoiler of this car wins the award for the best rear end in the world (sorry Kim Kardashian). It produces a down force of 660 kg at 1650 mph, and is fixed on carbon fiber pylons. It has 19 inch alloys wheels and a lowered height (by 50mm!). The paint scheme on this beast in inspired by the Harrods sponsored McLaren that was used in the Le Mans in 1995. Just let the video do the rest of the talking!