Maruti Wagon R colours: Blue, Red, Silver, Beige, White, Chocolate, Grey

If there is one car in the Indian market that has been selling like hot cakes without the manufacturer really doing anything, it is undoubtedly the Maruti Wagon R. From enticing Maruti Wagon R colours, to it potent engine, refined ride, and a stress free ownership experience, the car has been the idle vehicle for anyone looking for a litre-class city hauler. Without any major updates in its life line, and with almost no new advertising investment, the Wagon R easily manages to ship around 10,000 units each month. This is a commendable achievement, especially because of the fact that Maruti itself has a product that is a lot more superior in every parameter – the Celerio. But the brand loyalty that WagonR has attached to its name is unbeatable. The Wagon R is undoubtedly one of Maruti`s hot selling products even though the car was launched way back in 1999. 

But what is indeed interesting about the Wagon R is the fact that it is as well a mile muncher. This means that occasional highway trips won’t pull stress on the car’s dynamics. The hatchback feels at home even at triple digit speeds. However, the tallboy design does takes its toll when you push it round a corner. The car unsettles at the slightest twist of the steering, once you are above the 60 km/h mark.

But this tall height of the car gives it its USP! The Wagon R is the idle car for elderly people or those who are suffering from knee issues. The taller roof, higher seat, and wide opening doors ensure that you can simply walk into the cabin, making ingress and egress an extremely easy affair. Additionally, the tall boy design also gives it a mini-SUV like look from certain angles, especially when the Wagon R is in dark colours.

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Maruti Wagon R Colours: Blue, Red, Silver, Beige, White, Chocolate, Grey

For a car to be successful, it must be offered in some nice colour shades. Maruti learnt this fact with the Zen Estilo, after they completely messed up a great product due to over the top and whacky colour options. But with the Wagon R, the country’s largest automaker has provided a wide range of colours, catering to a wide range of consumer sentiments. As a result, the Maruti Wagon R colour palette includes a total of 7 colours: Blue, Red, Silver, Beige, White, Chocolate, Grey.

Let us now look at the different Wagon R Colours –

Maruti Wagon R Breeze Blue Colour

Who doesn’t like blue, right? The Wagon R Blue colour has been added by Maruti to appeal to the wide audience that has blue on the top list of colour preference. TRIVIA: Maruti even marketed the Wagon R as the ‘Blue-Eyed Boy’, owing to the slight blue tinge in the headlight lens.

Maruti Wagon r colours

Maruti Wagon R Passion Red Color

The colour of love! For all those who love their cars, what better way to express it than opt a red colour for your Maruti Wagon R. And look at Maruti’s intelligent marketing here, they have aptly named this paint shade as “Passion” Red.


Maruti Wagon R Silky Silver Colour

Silver – the evergreen paint shade. The Maruti Wagon R silver is one of those colours where it looks like a mini SUV, especially when you look at it from the top. If you want to have a cleaner profile throughout the years with your Wagon  R, get your hands on a silver coloured one.


Maruti Wagon R Ecru Beige Colour

The Beige colour on the Wagon R is for those who want to bling their cars out, while keeping them within accepting levels. It has a nice matte hue to it, making this colour on the Wagon R look really appealing.


Maruti Wagon R Superior White Colour

Remember we termed Silver colour as the evergreen paint shade, well it does have a tough contender for this podium. White is an essential colour for all cars, especially in the entry level segment that the Maruti Wagon R caters to.


Maruti Wagon R Bakers Chocolate Colour

This one’s for all those chocolate lover out there! Well, not really! The colour is a tasteful combination of Brown and Grey, specifically been designed to appeal to dark colour lovers.


Maruti Wagon R Glistening Grey Colour

Oh come on, did you really think Maruti is gonna miss their universal colour on the Wagon R? Glistening Grey is Maruti’s attempt to add a manly look to every car in their portfolio. And as far as our opinion is considered, the do get successful each time.


Feast your eyes on the aforementioned Maruti Wagon R colours and images. Let us know which one’s your favourite of the lot. Moreover, if you are given a chance to add a new shade to the Wagon R colours palette, what would it be? Make sure you mention the reason as well!