Maruti Suzuki S-Cross involved in a major accident prior to launch

Maruti Suzuki S Cross crash

The yet to be launched Maruti Suzuki S-Cross has been involved in a serious accident prior to its launch. We don’t have much details available at the moment, but it looks like the crossover was being driven at a very high speed which caused the mishap. This is the first reported crash of the upcoming S-Cross. While the location and the reason for the accident is shrouded in mystery, the car has suffered excessive damage as it lay in the bushes. As we informed earlier we don’t know the exact details of the mishap but it looks like the vehicle has toppled several times before finally finding its resting place in the bushes on the road side.

Maruti Suzuki S Cross accident

The S-Cross involved in the crash looks like a test drive vehicle and from the looks of it the driver would have lost control of the vehicle at a curve while doing triple digit speeds. From the images it’s quite clear that the car has been crushed like a lemon. The front of the car, A and B pillars and the roofline have suffered colossal damage and it’s quite likely that this particular S-Cross will find its way to the scrap yard. The occupants of the car must have received serious injuries as the vehicle in question is not a top model, and from the pictures it is quite evident that no airbags were deployed.

Maruti Suzuki S Cross accident 1

This mishap seems to be the consequence of rash and negligent driving as there is no other vehicle involved from the images available so far. We will provide an update as and when we receive more details regarding this accident. We urge everyone to drive carefully and always wear your seat belts whenever you get behind the wheel.
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Images Credit – Team Fiat Moto Club