Maruti Launches Limited Edition Alto 800 Maximum

For Maruti the Alto 800, with its 3 cylinder 796 cc petrol engine, was a winner and during its life it did undergo a few cosmetic changes and gained features such as central locking in the Vxi model. Now that the market is flooded with better models and with more on the way, Maruti aims to retain its market share or even get more.

Maruti Alto 800

Be that as it may, the company has announced the availability of Maruti Alto 800 Maximum Limited Edition. Limited Edition in this instance means the Alto 800 is stuck with some uninspiring graphic stickers, keyless entry, faux leather seats, and an audio system with speakers and a rear spoiler. Some may like the mods, some may not. What you could have bought and added to the standard Alto 800 from retail market now come as standard in the Limited Edition with an appropriate price tag. However, people are not buying the Alto 800 for its looks. It is affordably priced at around Rs.3.58 lakhs and returns good mileage of 14.4 kmpl in the city and 18.8 kmpl on highways. What most people do is buy the petrol version and then install a CNG kit, which makes it one of the most economical cars to run and which is probably why it sold in large numbers. Another reason is that the engine is simple and it can be serviced in any auto garage if you have a breakdown whereas sophisticated models with electronic engines would necessitate company authorized repairs. From this perspective one hopes the company does not phase out the simple and likeable Alto 800.

The justification for the Limited Edition that has really nothing outstanding about the extras is that people may go in for such additions to avoid voiding the guarantee. How thoughtful of Maruti but one may well ask why label it Limited Edition.