Mansory’s Lamborghini Aventador (Carbonado Apertos) Roadster offers a mind-boggling 1233 BHP

mansory carbonado apertos 1

Everyone relates Lamborghinis as extremely fast cars. In fact, few Lambo’s are among the fastest cars in the world. Hence, no one would think about getting more power from the engines powering the Italian company’s cars. But Mansory thinks otherwise. The German luxury car modification company has literally rebuilt the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

Starting with the mechanicals, Mansory has changed the 6.5-litre, V12 engine’s rods, pistons, crankshaft, bearings, cylinder head and even the cranks with motorsport versions of the same. Not enough? Two Mansory turbochargers also find their way to the engine’s flanks. The exhaust system has also been replaced by a louder unit made from pure stainless steel.

mansory carbonado apertos 3

The company says that all these changes gives a boost in performance. Named as ‘Carbonado Apertos’, the boost in power is of 543 BHP and 210 Nm, taking the overall performance figures up to a humungous 1233 BHP of power and 900 Nm of torque. This means that the modified Aventador Roadster can now hit 100 km/hr from standstill in just 2.6 seconds and go up to a top speed of 380 km/hr. This is insanely fast!

mansory carbonado apertos 2

Talking about other changes, all body panels including the front, rear, sides and wheel arches have been redesigned and made using carbon fibre only (hence the name). There is also a huge wing at the rear. Changes have been taken over to the interior as well. Modification has been made to make the cabin look like a ‘stealth aircraft’, as the company likes to say.

As exclusive at it will be, the Mansory Lambo Aventador Roadster will carry a massive price tag which should be in line with the 1233 BHP of power that it offers. Unfortunately, no further details of the vehicle has been disclosed till now.

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