Mahindra Two Wheelers to launch four products this year

In order to scale up its presence in the market, Mahindra Two Wheelers has planned to introduce nearly four new stylish products which include a scooter and a bike in the entry level segment along with variants of many existing products in the current year. The world famous automobile company, Mahindra is also targeting to fasten its exports by three times in the upcoming months in order to enter four new markets in the international arena.

Viren Popli, Chief of Operations of Mahindra Two Wheelers even announced that the top automobile company has been on a stabilization mode and has been putting its infrastructure in place since the last one year. He also hinted that the company is now aiming at rapid growth by launching new models in both domestic as well as foreign markets. He also informed of launching four new and unique products by elaborating Mahindra Two Wheelers’ launch programmes for the present year. By giving a little hint, Viren Popli further informed that the products include variants of existing-lineup, 100-110 cc motorbike segment along with an attractive and reliable scooter. He further announced the market launch of Mahindra Two Wheelers 300cc motorbike in the present year.

Even Centuro, which is Mahindra Two Wheelers’ flagship model has been posting an impressive volume growth. Chief of Operations, Mahindra Two Wheelers did not disclose any further plans of the company regarding stopping of production of its entry-level bike model Pantero. As of now, Pantero continues to have a green signal to be in the market and even it will continue exporting Arrow that is based on the Pantero platform. As Mahindra Two Wheelers has expanded its network, it would definitely increase its domestic sales drastically. Without disclosing the exact number, he further informed that the top automobile company has around 1500 touch points as compared to approx. 600 in the previous year, thereby, growing its volumes drastically.

Mahindra Two Wheelers achieved 83% growth in its overall domestic sales which stood at 14,389 units in June as compared to 7849 units in the previous year during the same period. 1074 units were exported in June. Viren Popli also hinted at their plans to increase exports to a total of 15 countries from the current 11 countries by the end of this year. The company aims to enter Nigeria, Colombia and markets that are adjoining these countries. Also Mahindra Two Wheelers is looking at increasing its export volumes by 2-3 times in the coming 6 months with new product launches.

Pictures Source : Zigwheels