Mahindra Two Wheelers investing Rs. 75 crores in a new ad campaign to boost sales

Mahindra Two Wheelers  scooter - Gusto

Mahindra is doing well in the passenger vehicle segment of India sitting at the number three spot. However, the same cannot be said about the company in the two-wheeler segment where it sits right at the bottom ever since it made its debut seven years back. But Mahindra Two Wheelers is aiming at improving its market share at the earliest and has a few plans up its sleeves. Till date, the Indian auto major has incurred losses of more than Rs. 1000 crores in the two-wheeler segment.

In a bid to improve its status, Mahindra has come up with a master plan and will be investing Rs. 75 crores in what is the group`s biggest ad campaign ever. The new ad campaign is targeted at increasing it`s the market share to 3 percent from the current 1-2 percent in the short term run.

Mahindra Two Wheelers will be focusing on showcasing the unique features that the Centuro motorcycle and Gusto scooter have in comparison to other bikes in the respective segments. They are trying to feature that Mahindra bike owners are not behind four-wheeler owners in terms of functionality and ease of traveling. Other than the new ad campaign, Mahindra has completed various road shows across 700 villages and 40 towns for long term growth prospects by providing aspiring owners test rides.

The company retails relatively good products in the country as compared to rival manufacturers, but its vehicles are not retailing as per their capabilities. The Honda Activa which is pretty much an over-hyped scooter is the king of the scooter segment mainly due to the market image of the product and therefore, the Mahindra Gusto should find more sales at the least when compared to its current sales figures. Mahindra Two Wheelers will soon be launching its flagship and much awaited product, the Mojo in the market in order to gain sales in the more premium segment.

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