Mahindra Launches Reva e2o Premium with Extra Range

A few years ago Mahindra took over Reva. Reva, if you will remember, was India’s first battery powered two seater car. For one reason or the other it never really took off and was languishing despite offering green technologies and a perfect vehicle for city commute. Mahindra took over Reva, the south based electric car manufacturer and we expected it would soon be churning out this affordable electrical car in huge numbers. Sadly that was not so.

Mahindra E2o Premium

Mahindra has announced the launch of the premium e2o with a range of 120 kms on a single charge. The other base model has a range of only 80 kilometres. The premium model can go up to 81 km/hr while the basic model has a top speed of 75 km/hr. It will also have power steering. One of the greatest problems for electric car owners is a flat battery. Mahindra has addressed this issue with a battery rental scheme and a Quick2Charge function so that you are not stuck with a flat battery. The premium variant has a powerful, bigger battery and it takes about 5 hours for a full recharge.

Mahindra has designed the e20 to have luxurious looks. To this end the interiors have been restyled. The e20 also gets a reverse parking camera, a driver information system and an infotainment system. Even the seats and overall layout inside now reflect better premium looks, something that should entice people to buy this environment friendly car. The outside looks have also evolved into something more modern and contemporaneous.

The e2o costs Rs. 5.72 lakhs. If buyers opt for the battery rental scheme then they pay Rs. 2999 per month. The batteries have a life of about 5 years and a mileage of 50,000 kilometers. Batteries in electric cars are the single most expensive item when it comes to replacement and could cost as much as a third to one-half of the cost of the electric car itself. Therefore, this battery rental scheme should be welcome since users are freed of the burden of buying batteries. They can drive as much as they please without worrying about fuel costs. Charging cost is negligible and even with the rental, it may prove to be more affordable than gas, petrol or diesel cars and infinitely less polluting. Once batteries are at the end of life they can be traded in for new ones.

Mahindra E2o Premium1