Limited Edition Vanquish unveiled on Aston Martin Works 60th anniversary

limited edition aston martin vanquish

To mark the 60th Anniversary of Aston Martin Works, James Bond`s preferred choice of wheels, Aston Martin has commissioned 6 special limited edition sports cars, 3 of which were revealed at Newport Pagnell. This is part of the 12 month long celebration in which the other 3 cars will be revealed and be made available for delivery to the customers.

60th anniversary limited edition vanquish

So what makes the 60th Anniversary special, limited edition Astons unique? All of them will have different colour patterns and trims on the Alloys as well as the sides to make it look exclusive. But what really makes these limited edition beauties stand out, is that the knobs in the centre console, which controls the air-conditioning system of the car is made of the same metal used in the pistons of classic cars from the last 6 decades!

limited edition aston martin vanquish interiors (2)

Shown in the picture is the Vanquish Volante, dedicating the first to the 2005-2015 original vanquish, with “Anniversary Yellow” on the wheels and trims, Which is Aston’s way of saying “subtle”; the other five limited edition supercars have metals taken from the pistons of the engines, which are the classics from that particular decade:

1955-65 DB 2/4 Mk II saloon

1965-75 DB5

1975-85 V8 coupe

1985-95 V8 vantage X-pack

1995-2005 V8 Vantage

2005-2015 vanquish

limited edition aston martin vanquish interiors

All the Metals used in the styling of the knobs, are taken from lumps of engine parts of the cars that have come in for a rebuild. NO ASTON MARTIN ENGINES WERE HURT IN THIS PROCESS. All the cars will be styled as the current Vanquish super GT in the coupe or Volante form and will sport the 6.0 litre V12 petrol engine with eight speed transmission that churns out 576 bhp and does a 0-100kmph in about 3.6 seconds. No changes over there. The modifications are completely cosmetic, with no changes to the performance.

These cars will be retailed at about 204,995 Euros and would be sold “By application only”. No better way to celebrate 60 years of classic British automobile engineering, although we would’ve loved some fancy gadgets like James Bond has, hopefully at the 70th Anniversary. Until then, we can drool at these beauties!