Limited edition Suzuki Hayabusa Z launched in India at Rs 16.20 lakh

Hayabusa Z limited edition

The Suzuki Hayabusa is a dream bike for many bike aficionadas. The first time I saw a Busa I was stuck in awe at this marvellous two wheeled wonder. The bike has been in production since 1999 and was given the honour of being the world’s fastest production superbike back then. Suzuki has now launched a limited edition of the bike called the Hayabusa Z. Since this is a limited edition model the superbike will be available for sale only until 31st March 2015. The bike has been tagged at Rs 16.20 lakhs ex-showroom, New Delhi.

So what does the Haybusa Z offer over the regular bike? It comes in two new colours – Pearl Vigor Blue with Metallic Mystic Silver (ASU) and Pearl Bracing White with Metallic Mystic Silver and the Yoshimura Slip-on R-77J carbon end muffler. Suzuki says the Yoshimura muffler will make the Haybusa`s aural note more wicked sounding as well as increase the performance at the same time. Suzuki is also offering some goodies along with this bike. Customers who purchase Hayabusa Z will receive a scale model of the HayaBusa X1 along with a racing calendar which is complimentary.

The Yoshimura Slip-on R-77J carbon end muffler has been a favourite modification with biking enthusiasts and Suzuki is proud to have introduced this on the Hayabusa Z, reinforcing its commitment to the Indian market was what Executive Vice President of Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd Atul Gupta had to say. Gupta added by saying that the Hayabusa evokes sentimental values for brand Suzuki. The motorcycle has gone through changes during the last decade while it stayed true to its original concept. The Busa is known for its speed, unmatched power and that growling 1300cc motor still continues to enthrall owners and bike lovers across the world.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your chequebook and rush to the nearest Suzuki dealership before it runs out of stock!