Lexus develops a car that glows with your heartbeat

lexus heartbeat car 03

Lexus Australia has just developed the world’s maiden vehicle that displays a heartbeat on the outside. The new technology shows the unique connection shared between a human being and his machine (awesome isn’t it?). To build the stunning RC F V8 coupe, the luxury car maker went into collaboration with a creative agency called M&C Saatchi which with the help of various new technologies helps in displaying the driver’s heartbeat on the exterior body panels of the car.

How does this work? The person has to connect a heart rate monitor to the RC F’s electrical system which is then captured by the on-board computer. The data is then processed and an electric charge is sent out to the vehicle’s body panels that have been painted with an electroluminescent colour which has been specifically developed by Lumilor. Next, a real-time animation displays the heart which beats every time a charge flows into it from the body panels.
According to the company’s chief executive, the new concept has been developed in light of new innovative activities and for the development of high performance Lexus cars. Lexus has been conducting many similar marketing stunts this year including the development of their new hoverboard.

Lexus heartbeat car 02

Anyhow, the company is happy for what has been happening all this while and is hoping to get a good response for the heartbeat concept which surely is very innovational. Lexus promises utmost commitment for delivering the ultimate luxury experience for their customers, which is one of the main foundations of the brand.