Range Rover Evoque replica (Landwind X7) launched in China at Rs. 13.34 lakhs

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Range Rover’s fortunes changed the world over after the UK based company launched the unique looking Evoque SUV. The Evoque has been retailing in very good figures and has caught the eye of every single car manufacturer in the world owing to its striking and sporty design.

The whole world is aware of what the Chinese automotive market is famously known for. If you don’t know what that is, China is actually known for creating amazing replicas of famous international car models. The Ford EcoSport has its replica retailing in the country as well. Anyhow, a Chinese automotive company has just come up with a replica of the well appreciated Range Rover Evoque. The replica goes by the name Landwind X7 and it has been involved in a long list of controversies ever since it was first showcased in the country.

But the vehicle has now been launched in the Chinese market with prices starting from 129.800 yuan, going up to 147.800 yuan. When converted to rupees, the model’s price ranges between Rs. 13.34 lakhs to Rs. 15.18 lakhs. This price is truly astonishing considering the fact that the original Range Rover Evoque costs 398.000 yuan, which is approximately Rs. 40 lakhs in China. Therefore, the Landwind X7 is actually one-third the price of the Evoque.

The Landwind X7 measures 4420 mm in length, 1910 mm in width, 1630 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2670 mm. The SUV derives its power from just one engine, i.e., a 2.o-litre turbocharged petrol motor that is sourced from Mitsubishi. This engine churns out 190 HP, 250 Nm of torque and comes paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that only drives the front two wheels. It weighs in at 1775 kgs and can deliver a fuel efficiency figure of 9.61 km/l.

If someone buys the Landwind X7 in China, they can replace all the grilles and badges with the ones found on the Range Rover Evoque (fake grilles and badges of course) to make it look like an original. Wow! This proves that the Chinese automotive market is truly one of a kind, to say the least that is.

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Landwind X7 front image 1


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Landwind X7 front three quarter 1


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Landwind X7 image 1


Landwind X7 front three quarter


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Landwind X7 price in China


Landwind X7 launched in China


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