Lamborghini Gallardo catches fire near NTPC chowk in New Delhi

Lamborghini Gallardo fire in Delhi

A Lamborghini Gallardo caught fire near NTPC chowk in Delhi

The number of cars plying in city roads have been increasing at an exponential level. Though the automotive industry has been witnessing a slowdown recently, there has been no stopping new two and four-wheeler manufacturers from entering India.

With the influx of auto majors, luxury and premium manufacturers form a large proportion of these companies. Few of them include the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari and the likes. Talking about Lamborghini in particular, the Italian car major is known to produce some of the world’s fastest supercars. One such model was the Gallardo.

For a while now, news of supercars having a range of heating problems in India have cropped up. In line with this, one Lamborghini Gallardo recently caught fire in Delhi. According to reports, the car was being driven by Surjan Singh very near to the company’s service station. While taking a u-turn at the NTPC chowk, the driver noticed flames coming out from the car’s engine compartment which is located towards the rear of the vehicle.

He then immediately stepped out from the car and saw the expensive supercar get engulfed in flames in no time at all. Fortunately, no one was injured due to this, but the Gallardo’s rear end was turned to ashes before the fire was put out. The vehicle has been taken by the police for further investigation and Lamborghini should be sending in a team to determine the real reason as to why the car caught fire. Gallardo is probably the most famous Lamborghini ever, selling in highest numbers as compared to any other car from the same stable. Till then, let’s wait and see what the actual reason is for the vehicle to catch fire so unexpectedly.

Lamborghini Gallardo catches fire

The Gallardo costs Rs. 2.7 crore in India

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