Jaguar to launch fully-electric vehicle by 2018

Jaguar All- Electric Car to be ready by 2018.

Jaguar F-Pace 3

For a better and greener future, it is important that auto manufacturers add to their offering a fully-electric or hybrid model. With limited remains of crude oil and adverse effects of fossil fuels on global warming, it’s high time people start opting for a much better option. Moreover, as other players in the segment are adding fully-electric and hybrid model in their kitty, Jaguar doesn’t want to lag behind in the race. Jaguar`s Design Director, Ian Callum hinted at the recently concluded New York International Auto Show that the company within two years will offer a product that is not driven by a petrol engine.

Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria will be fabricating the new electric car. It is being said that the UK based carmaker is aiming for a 0.28 low drag coefficient, which has raked windshield, sleek coupe-like silhouette of a crossover, narrowed rear end and active as well as passive aerodynamic assistance. It has also been revealed that Jaguar aims for a 500 kilometre total range which would surpass the Telsa X’s 386 kilometres and would somewhere fall in line with Audi Q6 e-tron 485-plus-kilometer range slated to debut in 2018. Talking about other carmakers, Telsa is all set to introduce its ambitious product Model3 to the world later this week; another luxury auto manufacturer from UK revealed its plan to present its first all-electric car in the near future.

An alternate energy vehicle from Tata Motors-owned British company was being expected for quite some time now, but this happens to be the first time where a time frame has been highlighted for the product’s development and launch. The company however remains tight-lipped on which models will first get electrified. This to an extent indicates that the XJ and F-Pace will be the first ones to to get an electric motor. AutoGuide further reveals that Jaguar has filed for trademarks of an I-Type and I-Pace. Reports claim that the company has something big planned, which will be revealed by the end of this year. This indicates that the British carmaker will probably come up with the E-Pace concept at the Paris Motor Show or at Los Angeles Motor Show.

Source – Autoguide