Jaguar Land Rover to flex its special division unit’s capabilities in new Bond flick “Spectre”

Jaguar Land Rover cars to feature in James Bond movie Spectre 1

James Bond movies are known for their action packed storyline, beautiful female characters, futuristic weapons and cars. How these factors are integrated into each other to create a gripping masterpiece, that the audience is on the edge of their seat, is fascinating to see.

The slick character of James Bond, with his fancy gadgets and fast cars, has always been a classic. Even if you have seen one installment of the series, you’d know agent double zero seven’s choice of vehicle has always been a classic. Whether it’s an Aston martin, or a submarine-cum-lotus, anything that’d get him to his destination (or out of trouble) in style.

In the upcoming Bond movie, titled “Spectre”, Jaguar Land Rover will be showcasing its latest addition. The new car, called the C-X75, will be seen taking on an Aston Martin DB10. The car chase sequence has been shot in an elaborate manner on the streets of Rome. The C-X75 has been developed to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. It has been made in collaboration with the Williams F1 team, and only 250 of these will ever be made. The C-X75 is a micro hybrid producing a whooping 780 bhp.

These will not be the only JLR products making its appearance in the movie. Range Rover Sports and Land Rover Defenders, modified and altered by the Jaguar Land Rover special operations team will feature in the film. The Land Rover Defender, aptly named “ Big Foot” will sport 37-inch all terrain tyres along with a wide body kit.

“This is an exciting partnership for Jaguar Land Rover and an opportunity to demonstrate the fantastic capabilities of the Special Operations team,” is what John Edwards, managing director of the special operations team, had to say.