India`s first Hybrid Supercar M-ZERO packs a whooping 700bhp

Mean Metal Motors M-Zero 1

The all-new M-Zero, produced by Mean Metal Motors which includes a total of 4 teams from 4 countries (Portugal, UK, Italy and India) has now officially revealed the first Hybrid supercar. Over the years the company has been making progress in the field of automobiles and has recently finalized the overall fit and finish of the M-Zero.

The most fascinating features of this project are the use of a totally different kind of material used to build up the cabin, the Carboflax. This totally new material combines flax fiber, which although is pretty expensive but portrays a wide variety of practical applications with the addition of the all ready popular lightweight carbon fiber to produce a hybrid composite material for a hybrid supercar. According to the company, Carboflax is the perfect alternative blend to build up a supercar that is lightweight and extremely strong and robust as well.

The company would make use of this blend in the front spoiler, skirts, semi-monocoque chassis, diffuser, and areas of high vibration levels. Mean Metal Motors also added that in the coming future this material would also be supplied for military purposes.

As far as the M-Zero goes, the enormous supercar packs in a bunch of horses under the hood. Most probably, it would boast of a 4.0-litre AMG V8 bi-turbo engine that produces 510bhp combined with an electric motor that would churn out 190bhp. All in all the M-Zero will produce a whooping 700bhp of power with a maximum torque range in between 700-750Nm. Due to this extremely light weight material used in the M-Zero this killer machine on wheels would weigh approximately about 1250kg. Although this is the first prototype revealed by the company, as per the looks and data certainly it would be not wrong to say that the car would be a delight for the racing enthusiasts in the coming future.

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