Indian Motorcycle Reveals Custom Black Bullet Scout

Custom Black Bullet Scout 5

Indian Motorcycle which is known to make few of the best and one-off cruisers in the world has recently unveiled a custom Black Bullet Scout motorcycle that was solely made to hit the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. The custom bike has been designed by Jeb Scolman, who is also responsible for building the famed and well-known Spirit of Munro in 2014 to celebrate the launch of Indian’s Thunder Stroke 111 engine. Scolman was handed a new 1.2-litre Indian Scout engine and was given complete freedom to build the complete motorcycle as per his wishes. The Black Bullet Scout from Indian Motorcycle draws heavy inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s, where bikes went on to break various land speed records and were also used for drag racing.

While race cars in the post war era used aeroplane drop tanks as bodies, motorcycles on the other hand got nose cones for improving aerodynamic efficiency. The custom, completely metal handmade motorcycle has a custom windscreen that has been wrapped around at the front, neatly integrating with the headlight cluster. The rest of the body is as minimal and neat as one can imagine. Wrapped around the engine immaculately, clip-ons and footrests have been mounted to the rear axle in a way that the bike looks extremely streamlined. The designer has paid extensive attention to detail while building this bike and even cast a customised intake manifold to turn the throttle body sideways. This has helped to package the engine even more tightly.

The custom Black Bullet Scout will be displayed in Strugis from 31st July to 8th August 2015. Just like all other previous Indian Scouts, even this motorcycle will eventually hit the salt flats in Bonneville.

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