India Superbike Festival to be held in Pune on 6th and 7th of December

India Superbike Festival

In the first weekend of December 2014, Pune will get its dose of massive machines mounted on two wheels, as the India Superbike Festival is back again. And going by the great experiences of the previous two editions of the superb motorcycle festival in the city, the third edition of India Superbike Festival this year is also surely going to be a spicy affair and major attraction for all the bike enthusiasts in the country.

If anyone has the slightest doubt about India’s readiness for massive luxury motorcycles, then he should head straight to the Amanora Town Centre, Pune, and get enthralled with the bikes that will be displayed at the event, that will be held between 6th to 7th of December, 2014. Motorcycle junkies are sure to be blown away by the sheer display of vintage, classic high performance and exotic sports bikes at this event. And if, even after witnessing the huge array of superbikes does not quench your thirst as a biking fanatic, then the event has more in store for you. The event has the popular loudest motorcycle title to be participated in and you can also choose to burn the tarmac in a hot motorcycle race to your heart’s content.

Check out what the India Superbike Festival is all about in the below video :-

The India Superbike Festival is a massive platform for the biking enthusiasts in the country and comes packed with all the expected heavy dose of style, power and noise that are so very associated with super bikes. However, the event comes with something more as well, and that is the opportunity to experience and share the various aspects of bikes and the love for them with likeminded bike enthusiasts. This gala biking event offers a chance to all the motorcycle enthusiasts to exchange ideas and to learn more about their favorite machine.

Thus, the India Superbike Festival is the one festival that is purely dedicated to the biking enthusiasts ranging from the mild enthusiasts who just love the way these machines look and ride, to the extreme bike riders to the more intense fanatics who love to spend hours customizing their bikes and experimenting with its various parts to improve the experience. All bike aficionados are welcome to attend the 2014 India Superbike Festival by registering at for an unforgettable weekend.

Source :- Overdrive