India becomes a growing hub for the super premium bicycles

Giant Bicycle

Giant Cycles

In this day and age where fuel prices and pollution levels are soaring, it is a good thing to witness the rise of the bicycle lovers in India. At present, a growing number of people in India are taking to riding cycles for exercise, recreation or sport. These cycle lovers usually choose high end bicycles, for their cool, trendy looks and fun to ride aspects.

These premium bicycles are not only fancy to look at, but are also very tough as the riding enthusiasts could be cycling their way in the cities, suburbs or even the treacherous mountain roads getting the thrill of travelling based on their legs and lungs power, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings without polluting the environment.

More and more Indians who belong to the upper class of the Indian society are also choosing cycling as a daily fun and fitness mantra, while the youngsters take it as a great sport.

Pravin Patil, the CEO of Starkenn Sports which is the only distributor and authorized marketer of Giant bicycles in India, says that Bollywood celebrities such as Salman Khan and John Abraham are popularizing the bicycles in the country and the trend is catching up very quickly. He adds that cycling is preferred over tedious and boring gym workout sessions, and is a perfect overall fitness solution.

The Taiwanese company Giant, is one of the leading global bicycle makers and is a primary rival to the other bike makers such as Firefox Bikes and Track & Trail. Giant has opened a retail store in Bangalore recently, and within day’s more than a dozen units of super premium stock was sold. It has recently launched the Propel Advanced SL tagged at a whopping Rs. 10.6 lakh, which is the cost of a mid-sized sedan in India.

The Giant Propel Advanced SL premium cycle is made of carbon fibre that is used in Formula 1 racing cars and aircrafts. It gets electronic gear components and a total of 22 gears. The base model of Propel Advanced SL cycle is available at a starting price of Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Firefox Bikes offers more than 50 models and has exclusive distribution rights for the US-based Trek Bicycles in India. The Trek bikes cost as much as Rs. 4.3 lakh. Firefox Bikes sells 6,000 premium bikes per month and sells over 10 bikes priced at Rs. 1 lakh and above each month.

Track&Trail is a Chennai based division of TI Cycles, which sells premium bicycles of various global brands such as Cannondale, Bianchi, Mongoose, Schwinn, Montra, etc. Track&Trail launched the Ducati range of super premium bicycles early in August. The Ducati ranges of bicycles are tagged between Rs. 45,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh. Track-&Trail hopes to sell 500 units of these cycles within six months.

There are also the stunning super cycles in the form of the limited edition Bianchi 2011 Infinito Chorus priced at Rs. 1, 86,300 and Bianchi 2011 Infinito Ultegra tagged at Rs. 2, 70,000.

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Pics Courtesy : Giantbicycles FB Page