Hyundai Vision G concept showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai vision G concept 1

Hyundai has gone ahead and revealed the Vision G Concept at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show. With this car Hyundai hopes to showcase its latest design philosophy, technological and mechanical improvements and what to expect from the Hyundai stable in the coming future.

“Vision G is the first high-end premium coupe by Hyundai Motor. Despite its bold and powerful styling, the concept is purposefully understated; creating a balance of opulence and elegance that will resonate with customers who seek style without pretention. Hyundai Vision G represents a fresh interpretation of the Korean carmaker`s characteristic approach of balancing design and performance, expressed in a way that isn’t overburdened with glitz and stereotypical luxury cues,” said Peter Schreyer, the president and chief design officer of Hyundai Motor Company. “

Hyundai vision G concept 4

The car has a stretched muscular look, which gives it an extremely aggressive stance. The stretched bulges look elegant and make away with the previous soft bulges that Hyundai sported on most of its cars. On the inside too a lot of changes have been made. The coupe has a new interior trim and design with the use of leather, wood and a whole lot of other goodies. The Vision G concept sports Hyundai’s new spherical remote control touchpad. The touchpad remote works on touch as well as gestures. The remote can be used to toggle through information on the instrument cluster as well as the central media unit.

Hyundai vision G concept 3

Powering the Vision G concept is a 5.0 liter V8 engine that produces a mammoth 420 PS and 519 Nm of torque. The engine is way more advanced than previous generation Hyundai engines. It features high pressure fuel injection systems, optimized intake runner, increased compression ratio and a low torque exhaust manifold. All this makes the car go faster and makes it economical at the same time.

You can expect most of the future cars at Hyundai using the Hyundai Vision G concept as a platform to take design cues from.